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1 to 1 Mentoring 

As a Bravehearts Certified Sexual Addiction Mentor, I can lead you along the paths you need to follow to find freedom from struggle.

It's a structured, personalized path that has a high success rate. We walk this path together. Finding freedom from sex addiction IS NOT an individual endeavor. 

There's no better long-term program available for men today who are looking for the fastest way to lasting freedom than discrete, personalized 1-on-1 Mentoring. 

I limit the number of clients I work with to better mentor each person. 

Both local and distance mentoring can be effectively achieved with this personally designed plan.

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This is a mentoring service that is tailored to meet your recovery goals. It includes two initial meetings. We do a no-cost intake assessment during the first meeting. I formulate a plan based on the assessment and your stated realistic goals. The plan will be emailed to you. I will set up a second no-cost meeting to go over the plan with you, make any adjustments and confirm our course of action. The price point will be set based on the specifics of the plan that has been designed for you.  

Intensive Executive Mentoring 

Monthly Cost $385

This is the most popular mentoring service. It allows you to spend time working through the curriculum each week and meet weekly for a mentoring session. It could move you forward in the recovery process more quickly than the basic plan allowing you to get back the life God intended you to have sooner. Some clients begin with the introductory level and move into this plan as they see how their life is impacted by recovery mentoring. It can possibly cut the time in half for recovery over the basic plan.

Premier One to One Mentoring 

We meet for an hour per week in a confidential session by either Zoom video conferencing, phone, or in person. You will have a structured recovery curriculum. You will have have a 15 minute check in by phone available each week. I will be your accountability partner for Covenant Eyes accountability software. 

The cost of the Covenant Eyes is not included in my pricing. I have a 60-day free pricing code if you are a first time user of Covenant Eyes.

Per month this works out to a minimum of 

4- one hour confidential one to one sessions

4- 15-minute phone check-ins​

Mentoring Packages

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