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path- "sex addiction recovery".

1 to 1 Mentoring

As a trail guide, I walk alongside you.

It's a trail I've walked personally and with others.

As a Bravehearts Certified Spouses Mentor, I can lead you along the paths you need to follow to find the life you were intended to live.

It's a structured, personalized path that has a high success rate. 

We walk this path together. 

Finding freedom from spousal betrayal and trauma 

is not an individual endeavor. 

There's no better long-term program available for spouses today who are looking for the best way to move forward, 

than discrete, personalized 1-on-1 Mentoring. 

One to One Mentoring 

Monthly Cost $385

 This plan allows you to spend time working through the curriculum each week and meet weekly for a mentoring session. It could move you forward in the recovery process more quickly than the basic plan allowing you to get back the life God intended you to have sooner. Some clients begin with the introductory level and move into this plan as they see how their life is impacted by spouses mentoring. It can possibly cut the time in half for recovering the life you want over the basic plan.

We meet for an hour weekly in a confidential session via Zoom video conferencing, phone, or in person. You will have a structured recovery curriculum. You will have a 15-minute check-in by phone available each week. 

Per month this works out to a minimum of-

4- one hour confidential one to one sessions

4- 15-minute phone check-ins​

Spouses Mentoring Plans

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Lila Pisor 

Rocky Pisor
P.O. Box 297

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P.O. Box 297

Selma, CA 93662-0297

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