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I have worked through my own story of freedom from sex addiction. I began my recovery in 2004 and my wife, Lila, also began spouse's support simultaneously. We were actively involved in church leadership roles, had two kids of college age, I was running a family business, and Lila was working a career. After two and half years of recovery work, both of us continued at the recovery ministry as volunteer group leaders. I have done extensive group leadership and one-to-one mentoring along with leadership training.

   I am-

  • Certified Sex Addiction Mentor through Bravehearts Mentoring.  
  • Certified Husband Material Coach
  • Certified Trauma Informed minister through Ace Overcomers and The Center for Resiliency & Trauma-Informed Training.  
  • Pastoral Counselor
  • My wife and I have two adult children, six grandchildren, and have been married for over 47 years.

    Meet Rocky

    If you are reading through this, you are looking for the best possible way to handle your crisis. Many men I initially speak with have either been caught in their secret lifestyle or their life is falling apart around them. I know firsthand the feeling. All my communication is confidential. This is your battle and your arena to work your way free with the help of those trained in recovery.

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    P.O. Box 95

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