This crisis needs immediate attention.

We have what you need -

Mentoring designed specifically for this.

You have a no-cost one-hour

first session available to you. 

He looks at porn

He's been unfaithful

You can't even....

Hit by news that 

took your breath away?

How do we help?

This crisis was not your choice. I get that. I have talked with many women over the past 12 years who've felt pulled into something that they had no choice about. Now, you do have choices that can be made. I know because I made choices after my husband's pornography addiction was discovered. 


A mentor is an expert trail guide on a path that is familiar to them. A mentor will walk alongside you to guide and equip you for the life choices that will present themselves. There are a hundred questions to be asked. You may not know where to start.

The one-hour session available to you at no cost is a confidential conversation to assess where you are, what choices you have and where to turn for help and hope.

Use the 'Find help now' button to contact me for your one-hour confidential conversation.

Lila Pisor, 

Bravehearts Certified spouses Mentor

Ace Overcomers Trauma-Informed Facilitator

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Lila Pisor 

Rocky Pisor
P.O. Box 297

Selma, CA 93662-0297
P.O. Box 297

Selma, CA 93662-0297

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