Find freedom from unwanted sexual behavior and trauma





Are you a woman who is experiencing the 

trauma of betrayal in your marriage?

Our story is your story... 
You are not alone... 
There is hope!

Do you feel like you are the only one that has faced this type of crisis?

Are you a man who uses porn or 

has other forms of infidelity?

Are you in a marriage crisis that seems...overwhelming?





an action meaning restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state

At Regener8 Mentoring we understand that to have a restored life or marriage takes a process. It  includes facing the challenge of personal and relational redemption head-on with tools and core beliefs that are rooted in scripture. We have a time tested process that is tailored to each individual who chooses to walk out life change. Whether you are a struggler or a spouse of a struggler there is hope for you. As mentors we value who you are! 

We have personally gone through our own process of recovery and have lead others through recovery; we have empathy for where you are now. We know there is a way to heal from the trauma and the hopelessness to find freedom and connection.

If you are a struggling man searching for HELP

please click the Meet Rocky link

If you are a spouse of a struggler searching for HELP

please click the Meet Lila link

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P.O. Box 297

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