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Love Is Extension To Another

Love Each Other

Love is extending myself beyond my comfortable living space.

Beyond my emotional space, daily routines space, and truisms space.

“If any man (anyone) follow me, he must deny himself (the beyond part), pick up his cross (the extending part), 

and follow me (the loving in the world part).”

When I extend myself I connect with another hand-crafted-by-God person. He imagined each of us to be an image bearer. So I extend myself to another intended image bearer. As I grow in “oneness” with God, not just me, but God, is extended, into a life in a way that is unique and meaningful; He is seen, felt and heard from one image bearer to another. There is a unique connection in that.

Triune God sent himself (extended Himself) as an image bearer through Jesus. He loves the world and He IS love. He understands that this unique connection of Creator and image bearer is made by being invited into the space of a person’s life. When He is seen as a reflection of another image bearer the invitation is more readily extended.

Have you ever been in a new social situation and tried to build new relationships? As you navigate through the process you find that most often people are already in comfortable groups with others. Cliques have been formed around common interests. Inviting others in would be uncomfortable and take some work.

One of the experiences I vividly remember was when we joined a church and began building relationships. We wanted to be part of a small group that met weekly. There were two couples we were beginning to know who were a part of a small group. I asked one of the group leaders about the meeting time for the group. His response was that it was not a group that we could fit into. They don't accept new people. That stung!

If I do not extend myself beyond my personal comfort areas in my life then ”me, myself and I” become just like the group that doesn't accept new people.

For me, being sent into the world is to be in the world and to realize that I am not of the world. I am not to love others in an “of the world” way. I am to love others in an “in the world” way- an extension beyond my comfort. Beyond the lukewarm safe place for my emotions, routines, and truisms.

This life is a full life of love and connectedness! It is the life of an Image bearer. It is a life as God imagined it to be!


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