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Couples Mentoring  

      The Path to freedom can be worked on together.


Couples' work is vital for sustainable change. 

You have two options available.

If recovery work has been done previously, we offer our Advanced Couples Plan for mentoring that will work towards a more sustainable recovered marriage. This plan builds upon the foundation that is set in place by ongoing individual work or by the recovery work that has been done previously. We have a free interview process to determine where you are in your recovery journey.

If you are starting recovery work for the first time as a couple, then the Premier Couples Plan will be the option you need. Individual sessions are begun first. Individual personal growth builds a foundation for sustainable growth as a couple. As individual goals are met, we will transition to meeting together as couples while continuing the individual sessions. Eventually, this plan transitions to the Advanced Couples Plan which reduces the cost to you and reduces the number of monthly sessions attended.

With couples mentoring & Coaching we recommend speaking with us about your needs and how we may serve you with our couples mentoring. These initial conversations are no-cost and no-obligation, so you may gather information to make an informed decision.  

Advanced Couples Plan  

    Monthly Cost $570

If you qualify-

We will meet with you as a couple twice a month.

We will meet with you individually twice a month.

We mentor your marriage using a curriculum we design to fit your mentoring needs.

Each month will include

1- 60-minute session meeting as couples.

2- 60-minute sessions individually

15-minute phone (call or text) check-ins are available each week.

Curriculum assignments will be followed up on in sessions.

The qualification will be based on our initial interviews.

Premier Couples Plan 

     Monthly Cost $760

This service is tailored to meet your goals to work through recovery together as a couple. It is designed for a couple who is starting recovery for the first time. We will begin the process with individual mentoring to establish personal, relational health. Eventually, we will introduce joint sessions as couples. Working together to find redemption for your marriage has these advantages;

It leads to sustainable recovery.

You each work on personal goals for life and marriage.

You build life skills that are geared towards restoration of marriage.

It includes two initial meetings. We do an intake assessment during the first meeting with each of you. We formulate a plan based on the assessment and your stated realistic goals.  We will set up individual meetings to begin the process. 

Per month, this plan includes-

6- one-hour individual sessions (3 sessions each)

1- 60-minute session meeting as couples.

15-minute phone check-ins are available (one each every week)

Curriculum assignments will be followed up on in sessions.

You have a no-cost one-hour session available to determine if mentoring is for you.

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